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Rethinking Edge Computing with Advanced Analytics & AI

Many federal agencies – whether DoD or civilian – are accustomed to remote work environments that challenge data collection, response times and service delivery. Whether at the tactical edge in degraded, low-bandwidth battlefield scenarios or simply working far from mission datacenters in rural environments, remote workers and defense personnel require access to real-time data and analysis to do their jobs best. Advances in edge computing are making this possible. Providing complex analytical capabilities and integration with the latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other emerging technologies, these tools are ready for today’s solutions and tomorrow’s challenges. But what are some of the broader questions about edge technology use? How can they be applied to current systems? And what best practices are necessary to ensure any transition preserves the same reliability and security federal agencies rely on to carry out their missions? In this episode of GovExec TV, join Host George Jackson as he welcomes guests from across government to break down the latest in this promising new technology for government leaders.

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