State of the State

Reimagining Data with Next-Gen Technology

Data in all its forms remains the lifeblood of any agency. Managing, securing and distributing data across massive federal organizations is a necessary process but also can be time-consuming, expensive and can pull resources away from core missions. New technologies exist today that can help government leaders rethink how they allocate their resources and ultimately improve mission success. Automation, already prevalent in so many applications and technologies, is also available for today’s database administrators and business stakeholders – making it far easier to develop and deploy workloads no matter what the data source or how complex and large the project.

Join GovExec and Oracle on Thursday, April 14 at 1 p.m. ET as we evaluate how agencies can employ automated resources to protect sensitive data, patch vulnerabilities and prevent unauthorized access — and how doing so can reimagine the possibilities of data for most every workload.